Sunday, October 5, 2008

you've got that rainbow feel, but the rainbow has a beard.

it's monday morning.
church was really good last night. this month is our month on prayer, and since the beginning of october we've started coming up against a whole lot of attack from the enemy. i take it with a smile. and so last night out whole PA system cut out and we had to go acoustic-  two acoustic guitars with no amps at all, no microphones, just the voices of the body. and it was amazing. everything about the service was so real. the message really hit home for me as well. and at the end every person except for two new people we're at the front. 

me and Tim are going to see Hunting and Gathering tonight.  Audrey Tautou(Amelie) and Guillaume Cane(Love Me If You Dare) play the main characters, and they are from my two favorite French films so i'm excited :)

So many fantastic colors; I feel in a wonderland. Many fantastic colors makes me feel so good. You've got that pure feel, such good responses. You've got that rainbow feel but the rainbow has a beard.

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