Saturday, October 11, 2008

busy week next week..

i go back to school on monday, i have work three evenings out of five,  i have a date with Janelle and a date with Tim, our big fashion show on wednesday, primal on thursday night,the invisible children fundraiser show on friday, my tattoo on saturday and acoustic sessions semi's or Rachel's 20th in Auckland on saturday night.  i have two big assignments due as well, and on top of that i'm really sick. i have to go to the doctor soon.
and i'm meant to be fasting as part of church next week, but i can't do food fasts because of the pills i have to take, so i'm going to give up the internet instead, because stupidly, that's crazy hard for me. but it'll be good because i'll spend any spare time i have having God time instead of on here.
see ya'll next sunday.

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