Thursday, October 16, 2008

cause when you're gone, all the colors seem to fade.

i'm taking a break from studying. it's intense..
i slept in this morning so i just decided to take the day off and study at home- except for my field trip to Beverly Productions this afternoon. it's where a whole lot of designers like Karen Walker get their garments made. it'll be fun. 

we had out fashion show on wednesday. it was heaps of fun. here's a couple pictures but i wish i had photos in the cool stuff i got to wear(i did model the grey dress but it was not by any stretch the coolest thing i got to wear) but i just want to show off how hot my little sister is. it's unfair almost.

and my sewing girls :)

oh and also- i have a boyfriend now :) hahaha he's...wonderful.


back to study.

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