Saturday, October 18, 2008


on friday night we had our IC acoustic show. it went SO well. the place was so packed we had to turn people away,and the crowd was really into it to, there was such a good atmosphere and the night was topped off with a Coldplay cover and singalong. and on top of entry fee we got a whole lot of donations as well and fundraised a wicked amount of money from just a cafe acoustic show. i'm organizing another show with some bands at the moment too, hopefully at Mosaic. but here's a couple pictures:

the last picture is the funniest because of Christian haha oh. and he's getting me and Tim to model his new Crumb stuff, that'll be cool. and i can't wait to see all the designs actually on shirts.

we went to Auckland really early this morning too- that was a fun road trip. heard Phil Pringle preach and went to a 21st bbq. really happy to see all my Auckland girls :) like Catherine:
i have amazing friends.

oh and once last thing; i got my tattoo yesterday! we took this photo in terrible light, i'll take a good one where you can see it properly once it's done it's thing and healed. this is mine and Tims wrists.
it says 'agape' by the way.


joshuaduckett said...
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joshuaduckett said...

so freaking jealour about you getting you Tat!!!

haha i made a spelling mistake below :)