Sunday, September 28, 2008

tiredness fuels empty thoughts, i find myself disposed, brightness fills empty space, in search of inspiration, harder now with higher speed.. i look to my eskimo friend.

i've been trying to find out who the opera singer is in Damien Rice's song Eskimo, but no luck.
it's amazing, makes the song so epic. it gives me shivers haha.

if anybody knows who it is..please let me know.

and i'm guessing the girl in this photo with Damien Rice is Lisa Hannigan. she has a pretty voice too.

i've been listening to this girl today too

her name's Camille. a french singer from Paris. i really like her album Le Fil.


Anonymous said...

I was browsing on the internet for Damien Rice things and right as I got to this blog, Eskimo started playing. I love that song. I find it funny how people are suddenly connected by little things like that.

You have some neat stuff on your blog. Keep it up!


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