Saturday, September 20, 2008

the best things in life are things like what i did yesterday.

pancakes for breakfast on the deck, in the sun, at the flat with the gang. it's not that we had pancakes for breakfast or that we were even having breakfast..but that we were together. it was so nice!
me and Ngaire climbed up the mount, down the mount, and halfway round the mount. and it was so worth all the views. it was beautiful. on the way down we took the track through the bush, and that was just as pretty (i did run straight into a tree that was sticking out and it got me smack bang in the forehead. but that was just funny)
quality time with Mike. that was good. we don't get that much now that he's got a girl.
acoustic show at the Orange Zephyr(love that place, when i own my cafe, kudos to the Zeph for inspiration) and then hangs with La. we lay on the bonnet of her car and stared at the stars. now that was AWE-some. 

there's something about the way the world looks and feels from the top of the mount on a sunny day and the way the stars make me feel when they smile and dance for me on a clear night. it's like the specks of glitter are the glimmer in Your eye as You rejoice over me.

from up there, from down here..

i know;

that You're everything that lets me breathe.


setyourselfonfire said...

yay i am so happy you have a blogspot. man everyone has been signing up, it makes me happy!

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