Saturday, September 20, 2008

dreams and sewing machines.

thank-you Loula Mae.
ecspecially for this one:

that's my last fashion show..and that's me doing the supreme winner walk! 
haha..praise God!! i won an overlocker. so so so thankful :)

and if we're doing a thank you speech- Rachel pretty much gets ALL credit for this one..for entering me, paying for me, driving me there, for forcing me to go hahaha.

anyway, this is my new blogspot, i'm not sure why i keep deleting and making new ones. i did it with xanga like 4 times.
i think it's cause the name of my fashion label keeps changing(Miss wants me to start one for level 3 next year, but i think i'll leave thinking too much about it until next year comes)

yesterday i got about 3 metres of the best fabric for $3!!! 
this is what has come of it so far:

there's so much i can do, it's so hard to decide! i've been trying t0 find a picture of the kind of dress i want to make out of it but i haven't had much luck. i'll just post a picture once i've made it.

and these are my most recent 'makes'..
(the shorts)

i need to name my overlocker. any suggestions??


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