Sunday, February 22, 2009

i really want really long hair.

really really.
by Gemma Booth
by Mark The Cobra Snake
Carlos Miele

Lisa Place
Sonia Rykiel


setyourselfonfire said...


My hair has been dead for so long that last week i had to go get it cut and let the hairdresser rid me of my split ends. It was so bad that my hair is pretty short now, esp compared to what it was before.

I'm so sad, i just want it to grow grow!

Mila said...

Hello dear!

What a gorgeous post.
I also love long hair (especially on those gorgeous photographs you picked!)
I have the luck to have very long hair myself... ;)

Thanks for your amazing comment on my blog, it means the world!


Anthem said...

Much to my dismay I've never been able to grow my hair past my shoulders. Or maybe I'm just too impatient! Long hair would be lovely though, it's so feminine and natural..

Endofmarch said...

Thank you for the very nice comment you left on my blog!
I am so glad you like my blog and that it allowed me to discover yours. It is oh so lovely and I will add it to my blog roll if you don't mind :)

I hope you have a great day!

REread said...

ahhh so do I. I miss my hair it was so long and lovely...

La Fée said...

I adore the outfits of the first 5 girls, and I wish my hair was longer :( it's curly so it ends up way shorter naturally than when I straighten it too!!

Indie.Tea said...

I used to have long hair, and then I cut it, and now I want it back, but I'm sure that when I do I'll want it short again - never content! The hair in those pictures definitely looks great

daydream lily said...

i had hair that long but then cut a heap off. i miss it :-(
lovely post.


Michelle said...

i'm always so torn about cutting my hair or continue growing it long! argh