Monday, February 23, 2009

and you've opened the door for me.

because under the stars 
in the dark of night
you walked the shores with me
ran into the ocean with me
dived through waves with me
and you skipped, and you spun and you sung
"look up look up look up into the sky love. you see those stars shining so high up above us?"
i see those stars shining high up above us
but all i need to do is look at you
you are my shining light
so bright, so bright
you bring happiness
my new door.


Endofmarch said...

So so lovely. The pictures AND he writing. Aren't stars so mysterious? I'm attracted to them like a moth to a flames, but not all the stars are in the sky.... :)

Have a nice day!


yoooo. said...

you have a very lovely blog..
nice pictures, and nice words.

Mila said...

Another gorgeous post! <3
You're srarting to become one of my faves very quickly... ;)