Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i have been tagged by wonderful Rosie Posie Rosie to do the four tag! thank you love!

A: Four places that I go to over and over:
the sewing room at school, 27B(a flat that's soon to relocate to an amazing 1950's beach house!),  the trees that are down a few houses from me- two huuuuge trees hang over a driveway and are absolutely amazing for climbing and having deep and meaningfuls. and the red studio(art supply store)

B: Four people who email me regularly:
my dad..that's it actually. i get emails from facebook, myspace and style.com, but i don't think they count as much,

C: Four favourite smells:
vanilla!! fresh air on a cold but sunny morning(i swear it smells different), good coffee, his smell.

D: Four places I would rather be right now:
wednesday jazz night at the orange zephyr(which is where i would be if it hadn't shut down. damn recession!) climbing the trees with antony, driving to nowhere, watching movies in bed with him..

E: Four people I tag:

F: Four TV shows I watch:
i don't ever actually watch tv.. but i do enjoy project runway, americas next top model, gilmore girls and friends.

i'm currently looking for ball dress inspiration..i take two sewing classes at school and for one i'm making a wedding dress and for the other i'm making my ball dress.

i'm a little stick though. i'm thinking something backless..with a wicked feature at the front and lots of floaty fabric.. maybe an over-the-sholdour look.. or maybe something short and fun..i don't know.. it's my last year and it needs to be good. any ideas?


Jenna said...

THanks for the tag! OH, I think short and fun would be good, just cuz I love short and fun dresses. =]

Young Mind said...

thanks for the tag, I love your blog :)