Thursday, December 25, 2008

sleeping in fields.

yesterday, after our family christmas celebrations had died down we all went to the beach and then me, christian and mike set out to have our own christmas dinner only to be let down by all the supermarkets being closed. so we had noodle canteen in the middle of a huge field haha and it was surprisingly beautiful! and so after opening presents with christmas music, candlelight, eggnog, christmas "be merry" tea, christmas cookies and japanese sake, we kidnapped maria and went back to the field to sleep under the stars. it was a magical ending to christmas day. 
but there's more festivity, food and presents to come tonight with another family bbq before our friends christmas dinner at the flat.

and today i went shopping woooooooo :) i have so many summer dresses now, i love it!

and to add to officially having the best boyfriend ever, i have the best friends ever.

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