Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the sky is full of dreams but i don't know how to fly.

(photography by Lina Scheynius)

today it was raining which i would usually say was dumb considering i'm on summer holidays and wish for the beach everyday but it wasn't dumb because tim took the day off work and we watched movies all day. and we put up our christmas tree tonight, i was hoping that it would somehow make it feel like the holiday season but it still doesn't feel like christmas time and it's crazy to think that in two and a half weeks it'll have come and gone. i think a few more decorations and gingerbread lattes in starbucks christmas cups and family dinners and missy higgins albums will put me in the mood. i'm not even concerned about receiving gifts this year, but i want to make some people smile and i've started making some cutesy things for some special people and it's reminding me of the amazing friends i have..speaking of which,  janelle surprised me with a big smile and a pretty bunch of flowers just in time to make my day today. the day which is going to be out in 36 minutes, and so i'm going to retire in hope of some sweet sweet dreams.


Susanna-Cole said...

Christmas always seems to sneak up on me, I can't believe it will be so soon, as well! Lovely photos, by the way, the last one is so sweet and poweful! :)


elena brenna said...
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