Sunday, November 23, 2008

this is hard.

coldplay lyrics would be fitting today wouldn't they?


my head hurts. i've had a crazy headache for the last couple days and i'm just over tired and dizzy. i can't find my diary under the masses of junk in my bedroom as a result of coming home last night and chucking all my bags and everything from my bed on the floor and collapsing in bed. it's annoying, i didn't realize i relied on it so much.

i  really like these pictures of Cory.

and this is because i'm bored and extremely talented at procrastinating..

4 things I did today: it's only 11 am but i have
-woken up to Nates birthday invitation.
-make alterations on two dresses i bought from an op shop yesterday.
-received the silliest relationship advice ever heard from my mother.
-experienced mewithoutYou (listening to them is an experience that includes listening, dancing, singing- and i bit of shouting- and a whole lot of inspiration)
..that reminded me i need to eat breakfast.

4 things on my to do list today:
-cancel booking for my birthday at Soho and confirm numbers and make booking at Nautilus.
-study for my history exam.
-make skirt from the lace fabric i bought the other day.
-decide on a dress to wear to Amandas wedding.

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
-wasting my time on the internet instead of studying.
-eating mi goreng noodles. in bulk terribly bad for me.
-the vintage 'come to papa' chair we bought for the flat the other day. it's so comfortable i will race you to it and kill you if you get there first.
-dreaming of how things could be and ignoring the fact that some things just can't happen.

4 random facts about me:
-i have 8 pillows and cushions on my bed and can't sleep properly without them.
-i love history. it's my favorite subject after sewing and i would come to school just for history this year when most people wagged that period.
-i love Michael Jackson. i still listen to the record i have from when he was black.
-i love to wear heels. although my boyfriend wishes i wore nike air force ones haha.

and this picture makes me happy.

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