Thursday, November 20, 2008

life is so happy.

it always is. 

i was telling my mum the plans i have for the next few weeks as we drove home today and she said to me: "ayla, why don't you just stop and slow down, you're doing so much." 
why? why would i want to? i don't understand. i'm doing all i want to do and having fun but i'm still enjoying lazy days and the experiencing the beauty that life holds. 
i told her: "it's because this is the best time of my life and i want to make the most of it" 
"but that's what you said last year" 
"yeah. and i'll say it every year from now until they're all gone, because every year is the best year when you make the most of what you have."

i discovered Elisabeth Arkhipoff in Russh when Rebecca was doing my hair for her course today. i really love her art work:

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