Saturday, March 21, 2009

life is beautiful when i rise and when i fall.

discontent in chasing the wind
i want to feel more than air on my skin
like the tide, feelings come and go
here today, and gone tomorrow

i want love
i want you
so take this beaten heart, and let it beat for you
cause i'm scared, and i'm scared
only you know how i feel when i say i don't want to feel anything, but love, true love

watch me bloom, cause soon i'll whither
but your love, it lasts forever
like the sun, life is beautiful
when i rise, and when i fall

cause i want love
i want you
so i'll take this beaten heart and let it beat for you
cause i'm scared, and i'm scared

only you know how i feel when i say i don't want to feel anything, but love, true love

photos from stardust sparkle
words by the ember days.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my love.

the thing that poets write about
the thing that singers sing about
the thing that flowers bloom for
the thing that stars shine for
the thing that babies laugh for
the thing that jesus died for
the thing that winter waits for
the thing that trees reach for
the thing that attics stop for
the thing that widows die for
the thing the proud are humbled for
the thing the lonely are looking for
the thing that made me come alive the thing that made me realize..
that love is the most beautiful thing that anyone can have and do.

and i know that cause i knew you, now i know love
and for that i say thank you. i'm not bitter and i'm not mad
i'm just thankful for the times we had
so this is farewell, this is goodbye
oh your love was good, and our love was right
and i don't regret it, no, not a single night
so goodbye my love
goodbye my love

words by Bradley Hathaway.
thank you for all your lovely comments and i promise i'll find time to reply and do tags soon. i do hope you're all doing well. life is still hectic and i'm ready for it to slow down. i loved escaping with this photography..
sorry that i have no photo credits for this post.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i won't pass you by.

sorry to have been so absent form the blogging world for the past week or so. a lot has happened. a friend from school died and the funeral has come and gone. my timmy has moved countries and so my times been taken up with seeing him off and now just missing him in general. i'm also so so busy with all my school work i and my sewing project is literally monopolizing my life. the world is too busy and i wish there were more hours in the day. i wish there was time to stop and take it all in. because i know, past the shallow wall of school and work and rushing around, there is a world full of beauty and days that tick slowly by.

i'll try find time for you soon, lovelys. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i have the day off school today. and i want to go exploring.
these photos by Juampi Bonino just make me want to get out
into a place with a little more freedom

where every step brings a new adventure
and every breath of air is a breath of life

oh breathe. breathe in deep.