Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my love.

the thing that poets write about
the thing that singers sing about
the thing that flowers bloom for
the thing that stars shine for
the thing that babies laugh for
the thing that jesus died for
the thing that winter waits for
the thing that trees reach for
the thing that attics stop for
the thing that widows die for
the thing the proud are humbled for
the thing the lonely are looking for
the thing that made me come alive the thing that made me realize..
that love is the most beautiful thing that anyone can have and do.

and i know that cause i knew you, now i know love
and for that i say thank you. i'm not bitter and i'm not mad
i'm just thankful for the times we had
so this is farewell, this is goodbye
oh your love was good, and our love was right
and i don't regret it, no, not a single night
so goodbye my love
goodbye my love

words by Bradley Hathaway.
thank you for all your lovely comments and i promise i'll find time to reply and do tags soon. i do hope you're all doing well. life is still hectic and i'm ready for it to slow down. i loved escaping with this photography..
sorry that i have no photo credits for this post.


vintageveggie said...

holy bajesus i am rather in obsessed with your blog!

jules said...

oh my goodness these photographs are rather beautiful.

Soné said...

cool pics! love the way its faded!

tulips_and_chimneys said...

First off, I'm Lolly and I find your blog to be outstanding.

I also think we have quite a bit on common.

Shall we be friends?

(I recently got to spend some time with Mr.Hathaway and he is as beautiful as his poetry.)

Jeanette said...

So, I was just searching the words to this poem and your blog came up.
My friend Anthony just put it to music. It's kind of neat.


It's titled "Hathaway." Check it out.