Monday, September 14, 2009

why hello world, throw more opportunity at me and i'll see if i can catch it.

i feel as though i've reached the beginning of the beginning of the rest of my life. life is full and overflowing with potential. i am faced with a busy and challenging couple of months ahead, but i feel on top of things and that accomplishment is the light at the end of the tunnel, and hard work and perseverance are what is drawing me nearer.

today i handed over a completed and absolutely gorgeous wedding dress to an oh so excited bride. i love how it turned out but i hope no one asks me to make another wedding dress for a long time.

this week also brings my last two assigments of the year to an end.

and with next week comes the long antcipated air new zealand fashion week where i am working backstage helping models get dressed for the catwalk. i will also be blogging about what it happening behind the scenes on

i also find out next week how i have done in a national young designers competition, which could result in a cash prize, or an internship with a NZ designer of my choice, experience i would value so highly! oh, my fingers are crossed.

the next two weeks are holidays which need to be filled with study study study for exams first week back..

three weeks later, three real exams later, and i am out of school forever.

then comes awards ceremonies, levers dinner, my birthday, summer and party party party.

next year brings the most exciting change of all- the move to wellington. a city filled with wonderful fashion, art and architechture.

life is exciting. make the most of it.

photos by antonella arismendi ♥


heleen said...

waw, sounds like exciting times lay ahead of you! have a wonderful time throughout the stress and hard work! x

iamatree said...

Wow, you're amazing. I can't wait to read more about fashion week... I'll live through you. also, can't BELIEVE you made a wedding dress!!! come on!! you must must post a photo somewhere.


setyourselfonfire said...

i'm so happy for you babe :) good luck for exams and finishing off school. You're going to have the most amazing time in Wellington! You must come stay before you leave though, ok?

Megan said...

those pictures

are so summery
damn i wish it was summer again
and i wish i had my long hair :(

nice blog