Sunday, September 6, 2009


the air was full of sun and birds, the fresh air sparkled clearly

rememberence wakened in my heart, and i knew i loved her dearly

the fallows and the leafless trees and all my spirit tingled

my earliest thought of love and springs first puff of perfume mingled

in my heart the still thoughts awoke, came lone by lone together

say, birds and sun and spring

is love a mere affair of weather?


vintageveggie said...

hmmm gorgeous beyond all reason? i think yes.

Ali said...

gorgeous pictures x

heleen said...

waw, oh waw waw waw!
the pictures and the words and the ATMOSPHERE you created, just waw. stunning.

See Me Everywhere said...

Ah yay spring is contagious!! I love it that everyone gets so happy during spring :) LOVE the mink pink stuff...ooooh getting excited for summer clothes woohoo!!

Grace said...

darling post and thw pictures are beautiful!

iamatree said...

Ah, spring is so exciting! It makes me happy. Beautiful photos and I totally agree with Ilana...bring on a new summer wardrobe!