Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy monday.

i REALLY shouldn't be blogging right now. i started back at school today, but it's 4th period and i'm already back at home. i worked full time over holidays so my only rest was my four day trip to hamilton, which was so lovely. i have three research assignments to do as well as make the wedding dress and my ball dress. i have a ball date though, as of today, so i'm a bit more excited than i was- the thought of adding making my dress to my already huge work load didn't impress me! but anyway, this girl- hannah glasby, seems to be EVERYWHERE lately. she's only 17 as well! four days younger than me, turns out. anyway, here's her and avril alexander. photos from here.

have a lovely week x


rebeccamay said...

pretty ladies. miss youx

sarah said...

Beautiful blog, I love your choices of photo's...and also the little book by Anna Wolf. Good luck with the work load!

See Me Everywhere said...

that makes me want to go jump in puddles!!!! :D
cant wait to see that wedding dress! you must must must post pics on here once your done :)


FairyFaye said...

Lovely blog! Awesome black/white set!

xo Rowena