Sunday, January 25, 2009

oh so.

i saw Bradley Hathaway perform last night and the mixture of oh so genius poetry, oh so delicate singing and oh so charming wit made me want to spin in circles(and maybe declare my undying love). there was a lot of good new australian talent and of course all the friends and locals, but Bradley tops the list of new discoveries this weekend.

They say that 
"Sometimes you're further than the moon
and Sometimes closer than my skin."


I remember when you were closer than my skin.
Those were the evenings spent alone with you in bliss.
Those were the mornings you awoke me with a gentle kiss.

And these are the evenings I sit alone and wish and reminisce.
These are the mornings when I wake to an alarm clock after falling asleep
with the hurting thought
"Why have you forsaken me?"

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