Monday, November 2, 2009

this one is about me.

i have been given this award by where the wild wolves dream. thank you so much.

i would like to pass this award onto the following seven delightful blogs, who all play a role in my daily dose of inspiration;
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i now have to tell you seven random things about myself, so here goes.

1. i like change, love it in fact. thrive off it. i don't like things to stay the same, there's no excitement in that.

2. i always have a bunch of fresh wild flowers on my desk in my bedroom. my mum picks them for me, it's so cute. it makes my room feel brighter and me feel happier.

3. i'm obsessed with photography. my walls are covered, and my laptops memory has reached it's maximum more than once with the amount saved on my hard drive.

4. i find coming up with seven things about myself hard. i'd rather talk about you.

5. when i eat, i have to eat a bit of everything and go around the plate until i have one bit left of everything and i do it in reverse order of what i like best. same with coloured lollies.

6. i love it when you walk past a cute guy on the street and you both check each other out and then pretend not to but both turn around once you've past, and it's al really awkward but you both walk off with a shy smile on your face.

7. i am so unbelievably excited for the next few months. there is so much to look forward to, i am at the beginning of the rest of my life.

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photo, old contact sheet from a film i took of my sister.


heleen said...

haha, I love n° 5 and 6!

Mara said...

Oh thanks so much for the award! I'm obsessed with photography too :) and love the film you take of your sister! And I really like the answer nº 6, I love that kind of moments. I'm super busy right now (a lot of exams) but my next post will be the 7 random things about me

kisses dear

Shayla shut your eyes said...

:D you're so wonderful. i love you. i miss you. and those pictures of bridie are adorable!

{this is glamorous} said...

how perfectly lovely -- thanks so much!


Penny Lane said...

i love these photos! extremely nice ^^

PL &heartS;